Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)


At GD Chalmers, we have 60 years’ experience working in the Domestic property market, giving us vast experience in the sector. We can ensure we know what to look for and use our experience to give a full and honest assessment of your property.


Unfortunately a lot of the regulations and legislations can be filled with too many technical terms and jargon to make much sense to someone without inside knowledge, so what is an EICR?


An EICR is basically an in depth inspection of the Electrical components in your property, looking at the standard of the Electricity meter, Main Board, Cables and Accessories (Sockets and Light Fittings etc.).


A better analogy would be to think of an EICR as an M.O.T. of the electrical components within your property, exactly as an M.O.T. would work, at the end of the testing procedure a report will be produced detailing items that may have to be rectified, or smaller issues that require some attention going forward, anything that is discovered will be discussed and advice will be given on what options you have.


A Property Condition Report will include the following:

  • Electrical governing body approved certification lasting for 5 years
  • A detailed breakdown of wiring systems and components
  • A full summary of findings on the installation
  • Any recommendations on improvements


There is much more to know, learn, and do when visiting a property when you are looking to sell, insure or rent out as a landlord. This is where you need to become an expert: so you can see everything that is of concern to the Mortgage Company, potential investors or tenants. With an EICR, you can see where there are potential and existing issues and find solutions to fix whatever needs to be fixed. We can provide recommendations and quote for any work we can complete.



Properties start from £75